The efficiency of an air conditioner is measured by EER that is the energy efficient ratio. EER ratio is measured by ratio of cooling capacity per hour to the power input. Thus, the higher EER rating means the air conditioner is more efficient. If you are planning to buy an energy efficient air conditioner, there are some key aspects to consider. The most important aspects to consider while buying an air conditioner are the right size of the air conditioner, programmable temperature setting, energy saving setting, and high EER rating.

You can chose among different types of air conditioners that are energy efficient and better suit various living spaces. For instance, if you live in a house that receives intense heat most of the time, you should consider installing a split air conditioner. However, if you can’t install central air conditioner in your home, you should consider the option of window unit.

If you plan to install central air conditioner, you can chose between a packaged air conditioning system and a split A/C. Following are three types of energy efficient air conditioner units that you should consider buying for your home:

1- Split Air-Conditioner

Split air conditioner has two main pieces: an interior fan system, and an exterior compressor. The louder parts are installed outside that push the cool air inside of the home through ducts. You can consider buying a ductless mini split air conditioner as is more suitable for cooling individual rooms in your home.

Mini split A/C is easier to install as compared to other types of air conditioning systems. Split air conditioning units are excellent in saving energy. You will rarely have issues with split A/Cs; and they are very reliable and efficient. Not only a split A/C is energy efficient, it doesn’t block your window during summer.

2- Packaged Air Conditioning System

Packaged air conditioners are centrally aired and have dual air condition and heating system. If you already have installed ductwork in your home for forced air heating, central air conditioner will be most energy efficient and least expensive choice. In a packaged air conditioner, the condenser, compressor, and evaporator are located in a cabinet that is placed on a roof.

Packaged air conditioner is also commonly used in commercial buildings. Packaged air conditioners may also include a natural gas furnace or an electric heating coils. So, you don’t need to install a separate furnace for heating in your home.

3- Window Air Conditioning Unit

Window air conditioner is a self-contained air conditioning unit that is available in different sizes. You can put a window air conditioner in place during the time you need. However, you can permanently install by inserting it in wall of your home. Energy efficient window A/Cs are not only financially affordable, they are excellent at cooling your home. Some of the key features of an energy efficient window air conditioner are: low energy bill, improved environmental footprint, enhanced cooling performance, better quality, and smart features for energy saving.

In order to save more energy, new models of window air conditioners have energy saving mode that turns the A/C off or on during the process of cooling a room. So, when the room is cooled to required temperature, the A/c unit turns off itself. So, you don’t need to monitor temperature.